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Rudland’s compositions are not simply appealing and original.

What makes his music so powerful is the way he uses it, whether in his operas or his orchestral writing, to tell a story.


Simon Heffer The Telegraph


This is an eloquent, succinct opera. In music and design Pincher Martin pinched and gripped.

This opera deserves to live.  


Geoff Brown The Times

Rudland appears to have achieved that rare and valuable object: a contemporary work that is both challenging yet accessible.

Despite its disturbing subject matter, Pincher Martin is lyrical, inventive, and above all a thoroughly engaging work.



Will Hunt Bachtrack


Oliver Rudland’s opera revealed a score of powerful imagery.


Margaret Davies Opera Magazine


The Royal Opera House has presented works of far lesser value in the Linbury Studio, and even sometimes on the main stage.

This production is absolutely not to be missed.

Mark Ronan Opera Critic

Such music showed excellent judgment of children’s capabilities whilst never being

limited to what might in other hands remain in the realm of the boringly safe.


Kim Ashton Seen and Heard International

This was children’s opera at its best: it was fun and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Robert Anderson Classical Music Daily

Exceptional talent. Oliver is going to be a big name in the future.

Michael Williamson Yorkshire Evening Post

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