The Nightingale...


The Nightingale and the Rose is a one-act opera based on Oscar Wilde's classic fairy-tale.

It revolves around an infatuated student, whose youthful passion for the professor's daughter causes him to fall into a state of deep depression. Upon seeing this moving display of emotion, an innocent Nightingale decides to take matters into her own hands by obtaining the one object that might win the heart of the girl for the student; a single red rose. However, on her quest to find the simple flower she soon discovers that a mortal sacrifice is required in order to satisfy the student's desire...

The opera is written in a lyrical and romantic style and its delicate melodies and exquisite orchestration cannot fail to create a moving and memorable evening for audience and performers alike. You can listen to a recording of the entire opera here.

At its first staged performance by Leeds Youth Opera - pictured above - the Yorkshire Evening Post wrote that 'audiences were in for a treat...very listenable and attractive...Exceptional talent...Oliver is going to be a big name in the future.'

This production in particular highlighted the versatile nature of the work, as an opera suited to both professional and amateur musical organisations, and as a vehicle for young singers interested in gaining experience in opera.


The full score and vocal score are both available to buy; for performance the parts and score are available for rental. If you are interested in performing The Nightingale and the Rose please contact us here.