The Shattered Memory (2010)

A symphonic tone poem for large orchestra


Duration: 13’00’’


(1pic. 2flts. 2obs. 1c.agls. 1eflat clt. 2bflat clts. 1bass clt. 2bsns. 1cbsn. 4hns. 1d trpt. 2bflat trpts. 2tenor troms. 1bass trom. 1bass tuba. 3percussionists, timps, strings)

A reduced orchestration for standard double woodwind is also available.




This work is a powerful and haunting symphonic tone poem examining the psychology of grief, inspired by the opening prologue to Donna Tartt's novel The Little Friend. Scored for a large orchestra, it is a fast-paced, attention-grabbing piece, also perfect as an overture for opening an orchestral concert. It can be well placed, for instance, besides Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which shares a very similar instrumentation. The Shattered Memory could also potentially be choreographed as a ballet.

For performance the parts and score are available for rental.

If you are interested in performing The Shattered Memory please contact us here.