The Fisherman and his Soul (2008)

An operatic scena for chamber orchestra, mixed chorus and soloists

Duration: 16’00’’


(1flt. 1ob. 1clt. 1bsn. 1hn. 1piano, 1percussionist, timps, strings [single if necessary])






Based on the famous short story by Oscar Wilde, with a libretto adapted from the original text, this is a stirring and lyrical operatic scena based on the fairy-tale encounter between a mermaid and a fisherman. This work is suited both to a staged performance, perhaps in conjunction with another chamber opera, and for concert performance.

To view photos of a past production at the Rochefort International Festival, click here.

For performance the parts and score are available for rental.

If you are interested in performing The Fisherman and his Soul please contact us here.