The Conquests of Zeus (2010)

Four mythic pictures for trombone and piano

Duration: 17’00’’


I. Leda

II. Danae

III. Europa

IV. Semele



This is a four-movement sonata for virtuoso trombone with piano accompaniment. Each movement depicts a scene from Greek mythology involving an encounter between Zeus (the trombone) and a mortal woman (the piano).

In the first, Zeus seduces Leda in the form of a swan, and in the second, he seduces Danae as a shower of gold, subtly depicted by the piano. In the third movement, Zeus’ abduction of Europa in the form of a bull is cheekily evoked by a series of wide glissandi, and in the fourth movement, Zeus’ crashing thunderbolt brings both Semele’s life and the whole work to an end.

This imaginative, original and highly challenging work is perfect for recitals, international competitions and conservatoire finals.

There is also a version available for violoncello and piano.

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