Sinfonietta (2001-02)

For symphony orchestra

Duration: 12’00’’


(1pic. 2flts. 2obs. 1c.agls. 2bflat clts. 1bass clt. 2bsns. 1cbsn. 4hns. 2bflat trpts. 2tenor troms. 1bass trom. 1tuba. 3percussionists, timps, strings)





Scored for a large orchestra, this dramatic, attention-grabbing overture is perfect for opening a symphony orchestra concert. It features important and exciting moments for all sections of the orchestra and is ideal for a good youth orchestra or amateur orchestra looking for something new and exciting, yet also packed with catchy melodies.

The Sinfonietta draws influence from the English symphonic tradition, in particular The Planets by Gustav Holst, and the symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams.


For performance the parts and score are available for rental.

If you are interested in performing Sinfonietta please contact us here.