Owl Flight (2012)

A suite for treble recorder and piano

Duration: 9'00''


I. Hunting

II. Constellations

III. Fireworks

Owl Flight is a three-movement suite for virtuoso treble recorder with piano accompaniment. The suite is a collection of melodies written especially for the treble recorder taken from Oliver Rudland's inspired children's opera, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.

The first movement uses flutter-tongue and glissandi effects to depict the flight of a hunting owl, the second a haunting, lyrical melody with a delicate piano accompaniment to evoke a moonlit scene, and the third a dazzling show of chromatic harmony to capture the excitement of a firework display.

This imaginative, original and challenging work is perfect for recitals and competitions.

There is also a version available for violin and piano.

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